Narragansett Bay Inter-Club Council (NBICC) Tests

NBICC TEST SCHEDULE, 2017-2018 season
PPFSC - Pawtucket and Providence Figure Skating Club
SFSC - Smithfield Figure Skating Club
WFS - Warwick figure Skaters


Test Schedule
Mon 1/15/2018 Time TBD Hosted by WFS at Warwick Rink - Dance, MITF, FS
Tues 2/20/2018 1-4 PM Hosted by SFSC at Smithfield Rink - MITF, FS
Sun 3/4/2018 All To Be Determined

Mon 6/25/2018
1-4 PM Hosted by SFSC at Smithfield Rink - MITF, FS
Sun 8/19/2018 1-4 PM Hosted by PPFSC at Warwick Rink - Dance, MITF, FS

Please plan on arriving earlier than test time scheduled by a minimum of one hour..

Please note:

- All sessions are TENTATIVE and may have to be rescheduled due to lack of tests.

- Preliminary and lower tests may be held on a “NEED BE” basis. Please contact your test chair. As soon as there are enough skaters, a test session will be arranged.

- Click to download the NBICC application as a PDF File, or go to the forms section.

Contact List:

SFSC Free, Moves and Dance: - Bob LaMontagne (401) 831-5384
    *   Any SFSC officer may sign test applications for SFSC members
PPFSC Free, Moves, and Dance: Irene Chliwner (401) 781-2045
WFS Free and Moves: Cynthia Arling-Brett (401) 739-6844
WFS Dance: Debra Hartman (401) 823-7547

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